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Sometimes we can't help but wonder if we matter to God, if he hears our prayers, or is interested in us at all.
The Bible says that we are God's treasured and most valued possession and He has great plans for our lives.
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Dr. Karl Menninger once said that if he could convice his patients in mental hospitals that their sins were forgiven, 75% of them would walk out the next day.
We often consider forgiveness in the context of forgiving others, but tragically overlook the importance of forgiving ourselves and living in the forgiveness of God.


The Every Member Make a Member campaign is NewLife's collaborative effort to see every NewLifer adding to the overall growth of our church and the kingdom of God.  A simple invitation to church can change someone's life and eternity.  We've seen it firsthand..  As a part of the Every Member Make a Member campaign, we offer Discovery Class (membership class) every 1st Sunday for those looking to join our family.   

Sign up now for the next Discovery Class - 1st Sunday of each month during

2nd service.

I have come in order that you might have life--life in all its fullness. 

John 10:10

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