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During a series called "It's All His", we discussed how everything we have belongs to God, but where do we go from there? Now that we know that "It's All His", how can we take the necessary steps to manage our money? Below is a series of videos from Pastor Brandon and Jaren Kiser, a Financial Advisor and member of NewLife that may help answer some common questions:


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Budgeting Basics

People often shy away from budgeting because it is either frightening, intimidating or boring. It does not have to be that way. In fact, a simple budget can be your greatest aid in achieving your financial goals.

Saving & Investing
In budgeting many people only consider tracking and goal setting in the areas of income and expenses. This leaves out a vital component to achieving financial security – saving and investing. Just as with expense control, saving and investing money will not happen without knowledge and a plan. 

Insurance – Is it really necessary?

It is one of those bills we get in the mail each month or quarter that we hate to pay and wonder if it is really necessary – insurance. In accordance to law, currently auto and health insurance coverage are mandated by the government, but what about non-mandated insurance like Life Insurance? Is it really necessary or could we make better use of our money elsewhere?

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